Phase 10

The object of the game is to complete each of the ten specific phases. If you complete the phase you advance to the next phase, but if you do not you must try again.

This mobile version includes stunning graphics and special effects, an innovative gameplay style, and special game modes for you to discover. Play alone or with up to three other players, and collect special awards in the game as you progress.

Fans of exciting and challenging card games have been playing Phase 10 for 25 years. Now you can take this classic game to the next phase with this new mobile edition.

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PDJCSU19 Posted: February 17th, 2012 at 12:47am
when using skip as my last card it doesn't allow me to do anything. For example in my last two previous games I had two skips card left. After I use one skip card it just stops and doesn't allow me to do anything else like throw down the last skip card or pick from the deck. Is their something I'm doing wrong or is this a bug problem that needs fix. It only happens in master edition though
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